iCRE8 is short for Intelligent Community Resources Engagement. Our Company provides off-grid technology for residential land development, clean magnetic energy, atmospheric water, generation, indoor agriculture, and recycling. Each of these technologies are focused on preserving the environment.

Smart City initiatives can help overcome the limitations of traditional urban development that tends to manage urban infrastructure systems in silos.

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Cities also create tremendous opportunities for economic development – 80% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product is created in cities; for career development.

Sustainability: IS IMPORTANT TO US!

Smart Eco-Friendly Communities are important , and we believe that the built infrastructure is ultimately here to shape a clean environment for social beings. We respect the impact that one building has on its surroundings and actively include the broader community in every decision and action taken in the design process. iCRE8 World would like to invite you to participate in the development of our communities. Please write to us to contribute feedback, comments, questions and support in our design process.

  •  Smart City development is, however, highly complex, challenging and context-specific. The challenges include different discourses used by technologists and policymakers, lack of capacity to connect urban sustainability challenges to actionable approaches, and pressures on social and territorial cohesion requiring unique governance solutions.