iDrop Water

Buying healthy water from local provider is possible, but often at significant cost. Your ownership in an iCRE8 Water community comes with a membership iDrop Water which operates in the acres directly adjoining the community, supplying fresh, locally generated water for the local farms, businesses, and livestock to residents.


Excess food not used by the community will be sold to local retailers to subsidize the cost of food production.


Tailored Plans

Create your list of product to develop and monitor it remotely.

Remote monitoring

View your product remotely and manage any issues from alerts.


Track anyone going in or out visually with online cameras.


Facilities are sealed until the cycle is complete and harvesting starts.

How it works is so simple

Download The App

App is available for all platforms. External AI assists with system.

Set up Your Goals

Select from a list of product. Water Bottles are delivered and you load your flavors.

Start Growing

Training and Monitoring are 24/7. Facilities are set up professionally.

iCRE8 WATER iDrop Products and Systems

Water Production: The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) will operate in the communities directly and adjoining business facilities, supplying water, locally-generated for produce, livestock, and to residents at a discounted price.  Excess water not used by the community will be sold to local retailers to subsidize the cost of production. The corporations will all start with their equipment, buildings, and supplies paid for in full and will not have debt, allowing them to have a strong chance of turning a profit very quickly to in turn provide dividends to shareholders.

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Amazing Results

“I started flavored water drinks at home with the iDrop app three months ago and I already see amazing results. I follow the hydration and mixing plan in the system app designed for me and it works!“
Patricia J.
“I love this app! Super intuitive interface and great support videos. The best thing about it is that I no longer need to go to the market. Drinking fun drinks from home is so much better.“
“I used to get bottled water at the community store for many years, but always got discouraged due to the price and did not follow any hydration plan. With the app, I’m more focused on my goal and get much better results “

Join the iDrop Family

Download our app and get in the best NON-GMO Water opportunity ever invented. Safe, Healthy, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Communities. A new place to call home!

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