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TESLAVISION Corporation, in Partnership with iCRE8sustainable Technology

We are advancing Voice Spectral Analysis software while creating self-sufficient technology disruption centres around the globe, changing the way we help those in need.  There are many ways to launch a technology, but one that maximizes social impact also promotes the wellbeing of every person involved. We have created a way to transform the lives of entire communities, that will establish a benchmark for a new way of designing and distributing technology innovations where it becomes the interest of everyone that such company and technology succeed.

When community impact strategies are applied to advancing A.I. and Voice Biometrics, poverty can be changed for good.  Our MISSION is to alleviate suffering caused by poverty, as we innovate in the field of biometrics.  Our planned Social InnovationTechnology Disruption Centres will advance Machine Learning and Voice Spectral analysis applications, and with the help of charitable foundations and institutes, we will form majority-owned diagnostics and technology disruption centres around the world.

Our VISION is to create a corporate culture where innovation and creativity is awarded, while setting new standards in the way we change the lives of those in need. Our GOAL is to advance alternative medical diagnostic technologies in the quantum technology market space, with R&D Hubs in Canada, Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago.

  • Every product we bring to market will be embedded within a strong Social Innovation and Community Impact foundation; where those living in developing countries are granted opportunities to receive complete funding in the education of Voice Spectral Analysis technology applications & techniques, alternative medical diagnostics training and become Artificial Intelligent (AI) Machine Learning expert teachers while be granted the rights to develop unique applications.
  • Opportunities will be given to launch their own diagnostics center with technology disruption platforms for advancements of voice spectral analysis technologies and related applications, helping guide each application developments unique to disaster relief, disease, or infection most prevalent in their village.
  • Free education and training to those below poverty line in Machine Learning and Voice Spectral Analysis applications, encouraging them to become the leaders in machine learning and AI in general.

Our commitment to social impact is at the heart of our intentions; our goal is to adapt each technology innovation to alleviate the suffering of as many people on our planet, in the shortest amount of time as possible.  We will commit to this movement in a way that transforms lives and entire communities for good.