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Let's Save Our Mother Earth

Sustainable Technology for OFF-GRID Infrastructure - Water, Food, Energy, Housing & Recycling.

Do You Care About The Earth Like We Do?

About Us

Welcome To iCRE8 Sustainable Tech

Infrastructure Tools To Aid Sustainable ECO-Strategy.

iCRE8 Sustainable Technologies are poised to deliver the integration of sustainable basics like Food, Water, Recycling, Energy and Housing Systems. Education designed for complete solutions to the world’s greatest longstanding issues are ready to be implemented globally. Alongside our development company Origin8 Pro Builders which is focused on Residential and Commercial real estate development. Our Education Partners at Harvard Business School will provide knowledge in line with the sustainable Biz-Tech. 

Eco Services

Promote Your Environment


iRENEW is our system for a profitable waste to energy or new products program.

Eco System

iCRE8 - Intelligent Community Resources Engagement - Low impact to the environment and us.


iCRE8Farms built around Off-Grid food production of non-GMO food grown locally.


Green Planet Initiative 2050 - Restoration of forests, sustainable growing practices, no pestisides.

Our Work

What We Are Doing

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Energy & Recycling

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Building Tech

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Food & Water

Team Work

Reforest Events And Help Us To Raise Funds

Green Planet Initiative: Our mission is to accelerate climate action at the grassroots, work with vulnerable small-scale farming communities, pastoralists and forest-dependent communities to restore degraded landscapes and fragile ecosystems.

Save water from pollution

iDROP Water or AWG is a service that provides water from air through a unique technological process for farming.

Help to balance Eco system

ReGreening Initiatives contributes to and supports progress towards the majority of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Make the world greener

(RGI) is used here to cover all interventions which increase tree density and cover in the landscape, in farms, rangelands, wastelands and degraded forests.

Collect the fund

Sourcing donations that will allow projects to be completed on a humanitarian level. Rebuilding communities by greening.


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Some of our people

Our Core Team

RJ Braithwaite

Sustainable Tech

Jenny Tyler

Scientist & Technology

Rob Danard


Steven Butt

Global Ambassador


Micael Martins

Architectual Engineer

Agro Consultant

Hadi Feltham


Festus Kiplagat


TBA - Structural

Chief Engineering


What Our Clients Say​

Natural Earth Air Systems – Uses the natural core earth temperature to cool or warm the air depending on the outdoor climate. The nominal temperature in these submerged air chambers is 60 degrees, no matter if it is 30 degrees below zero or 120 degrees outside at ground level. iCRE8 products and support are superior in every way to other manufacturers.
R. McKay
CEO, Grower
Say goodbye to ugly greenhouses that are eyesores to city regulators, and say hello to gorgeous, sleek, modern structures that any city will happily approve. With over 35 years designing and developing structures, Ancon can create an architectural appearance that is appealing and accepted by building departments holding to strict aesthetic standards.
A. Esomonu
CTO, Agritech
iCRE8 products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times and construction costs. Our buildings are made with Nexiite and are incredibly durable, adaptable to most designs, and cost-efficient. They require a fraction of the materials and significantly less build time when compared to current construction methods.
K. Mucheke
CEO, Builder

News & Blogs

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Cradle To Cradle

Cradle-to-cradle design (also referred to as 2CC2, C2C, cradle 2 cradle, or regenerative design) is a biomimetic approach to the design of products and systems that models...

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AERO-GEL Insulation

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