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Off Grid Farming!

The iCRE8 Framing system is suitable for developing mini-greenhouse projects in rural areas that lack access to reliable, fresh GMO Free food.

iGROW Systems...

iCRE8Farms utilize off-grid Energy from a Canadian-based company positioned to be an industry leader by providing clean, cost-effective, efficient, viable alternative energy technology. Our Farms are 24 hour operations and provide product on a reliable schedule to the local markets that have limited transportation access, simultaneously creating a widened variety of produuct. Sustainable and environmentally friendly harvesting process. 

iCRE8 Farms

iCRE8Farms use off-grid iMEG Energy in hermetically sealed buildings. Biomass recycling for new energy, fertilizer, stock feed and construction materials are off-shoot revenue generators. Strategic partnerships with local growers provide more food security, no weather interruptions, lower overhead, pesticide free growing, higher yearly incomes, and is suitable for any climate deployment. The iGROW units provide a great  mix of efficiency and  iMEG Power Plant.

Generating zero-emissions, No CO2, No Waste, No Health Issues, high-efficiency, and scalable solutions through advanced innovation