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Basanite Materials

Innovative, Corrosion Proof, Composite Reinforcement forResidential, Commercial & Industrial Slabs on Grade,Hydraulic Structures and Precast Concrete Elements . BasaFlex™ BFRP Rebar Benefits  Stronger and significantly lighter than steel   Reduced costs for handling and placing 100% Corrosion Resistant – literally Rust Proof! Eliminate ongoing costs for maintenance & repair Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 100+ year product Similar thermal expansion coefficient as concrete; an…

AERO-GEL Insulation

Building envelopes of existing buildings represent a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort of our cities and countryside. Aside from improvements on building technology, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) energy demands are typically reduced by increasing the thickness of the insulation layer. A team of materials scientists from Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratory for Science and Technology) and…

Community Development

Community is important to us, we believe that the built environment is ultimately to shape an atmosphere for social beings. We respect the impact that one building has on its surroundings and actively include the broader community in every decision and action taken in the design process. Origin8 Pro Builders would like to invite you to participate in the development…